Om Safety Equipments

Om safety Equipments is one of the prominent suppliers of personal protective Equipments.

Safety belts are required to protect persons from injury by arresting the fall in the event of the user losing his/her balance or support and falling from the place of working either at an elevation or in closed locations or containers.

In selecting suitable equipment, that is, belt or harness for a particular duty, care should be taken to ensure that such equipment gives the wearer protection, as far as possible, and also ensures safety, maximum degree of comfort, freedom of movement and in the event of falling, the greatest possible security against injury either from the impact from ground or from surrounding structures or from the belt itself.

Fall Protection Includes

  • Safety harness & body belts
  • Hooks & karabiners
  • Lanyards
  • Anchorages
  • Self retracting life lines
  • Fall protection kit
  • Retractable fall arrester
  • Webbing type retractable fall arrester
  • Wire rope grab fall arrester